Timber frame.
Building shells.
Kit houses.


We create energy-efficient building kits from any design. Our process is fast and precise. Our kits are easy to assemble. Our buildings are natural, healthy and sustainable. Join us and explore a construction process that makes sense logically, economically and ecologically.

Passive-standard airtightness

Available for any design

Fast turnaround

Easy to assemble

Waste-free construction

All natural materials

Self-build and industry clients

building innovation.

Your design.
Any design.
Our expertise.


You send us your simplest drawings and we convert them into a We Build Eco house which is delivered as a kit. Our software and expertise translate 2D plans into a 3D design which is then converted into an exact guide suitable for our cutting equipment.

Talk to us at any
point on your journey.

You decide to build and energy-efficient building using natural materials.

You have secured ownership or control of the land required.

You have completed planning design, including indicative costs within budget.

You have net planning conditions, including a sustainability plan.

You have finalised design considerations and checks, including quantity surveying and budget check.

You have finalised the design and are ready to submit to tender.

Unfortunately at this final stage it is too late to engage with the We Build Eco process. Maybe next time!



Working with an automated cutting list, the elements are cut, labelled and marked. Our 5-axis Hundegger saw seemlessly interfaces with 3D software and is unerringly accurate to 1.5mm. We conduct regular spot checks to make sure – precision means a massive reduction in installer error.

Fewer cuts for less waste

Accurate cuts for faster erection

Systematic assembly instructions



Our building shells are delivered as a kit, with pre-packed sections in assembly order. The elements are clearly labelled and flat-packed for low-cost transportation. Natural insulation, membranes, tapes, connecting plates, gussets, fixings and racking boards are all included.



The building process is seemless, and the skillset required in minimal. It saves time, labour costs and the cost of waste removal. You won’t even need a crane. If weather is an issue, cassettes can be pre-built in a local warehouse and assembled on site.



We use all-natural materials because it just makes sense. Natural insulation outperforms synthetic and the use of plastics or oil-based products is not sustainable. Our buildings store carbon and offer passive levels of airtightness and thermal performance. No heating system required. They are vapour blocking and hygroscopic so produce a healthy living environment with no toxins.

All recyclable materials

Healthy and non-toxic

Excellent U-values and phase-shift

Strong, durable and long-lasting

Our-perfrom traditional buildings

Hygroscopic open structure

Airtight and vapour-blocking

Minimal waste



Let our factory become your factory. If you are a developer, builder, or timber-framer selling beyond your capacity use We Build Eco to increase your output. No need for costly capital-intensive equipment or facilities.

Bring your clients to visit our factory and think of us as skilled employees who are not on your payroll. Our factory is located on a picturesque farm in the South Downs National Park and makes use of extensive PV arrays to reduce emissions.